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                  Community Mediation Scheme
Building up a harmonious community is not an easy task and it requires the support of every member in the society. This website is established with an intention to join forces of the mediation services providers, learners, supporters, and promoters, so that they can work towards delivering the common goal of developing the platform and the culture of resolving conflicts and disputes by adopting amicable means and in turn, perform their mission of educating the same to the others in the community.

The website not only provides information on mediation training courses, seminars and activities, other mediation organizations, including government departments which supports mediation or includes using mediation as one of the alternate to resolve disputes or complaints are also included.

Apart from the learners, we have also included private and professional practitioners in this website. It is our intention to accommodate most of the mediation practitioners, individual or institutional, in the website. Given the transparency in the background, experience and other information on the mediation practitioners, users of mediation services can benefit by the widest possible choices of mediators whom they consider best suited to resolve their problems.

Management of conflicts and disputes is similar to management of one’s health. Whilst prevention is always better than cure, where we have often been advised to take a lot of measures to keep ourselves healthy before we get ill. To prevent the outburst or even escalation of conflicts and disputes, it is often more useful to obtain advice from dispute resolution professionals to diagnose the reasons for conflicts and resolve them amicably and early before it reached deadlock.

Mediation First Community is a group of people who agree to support the ideas of resolving any disputes by mediation first, failing which they will seek other amicable methods to resolve their difference with others. The name list of this community is open to public.

Last but not the least, we call for support to form a strong and dedicated group and deliver the messages to wider sectors of the public. Let’s work together to build a society of harmony and prosperity.

24, Sept. 2007
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